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2019 THEME: 
Challenges for meeting computing-capacity demand in the energy industry for the next decade

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Abstracts are due November 28, 2018  December 3, 2018 (end of day)

We invite you to submit an abstract in consideration for giving a 20-minute talk in the technical program during the 12th annual Rice Oil and Gas High Performance Computing (HPC) Conference, hosted by the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology at Rice University on March 4 & 5, 2019 (please note the new date is a week earlier than in 2017 and 2018). Final parallel session technical themes for the 2019 conference will be determined based on the diversity and strengths of the abstracts. Special consideration will be given to abstracts that address the 2019 theme “Challenges for meeting computing-capacity demand in the energy industry for the next decade”. In addition to regular conference abstracts, we also encourage students to submit abstracts for the poster session to present research that is relevant to the industry.

The Rice Oil and Gas HPC conference is the premier meeting place for the industry to engage in conversations about challenges and opportunities in high performance computing, information technology, computational science and engineering, and data science. Attended by 450-550 leaders and experts from the oil and gas industry, academia, national labs, and IT industry, this is a unique opportunity to engage and network with key stakeholders.

Computation, data, and information technology continue to stand out across the oil and gas industry as critical business enablers. Recent advances in machine learning, deep learning, robotics and AI are also emerging as critical enablers for the oil and gas industry that will depend on advances in high-performance computing infrastructure and facilities. With the end of Moore’s law, challenges are mounting around a rapidly changing technology landscape. However, the end of one era is also an opportunity for advancements and the beginning of a new era – a renaissance for system architectures and highlights the need for investments in people (workforce), algorithms, software innovations, and hardware platforms to support system scalability and demands for increasing digitization across the oil and gas sector. In light of these challenges and opportunities we invite abstracts in the following areas:

·       Algorithms and scalability

·       Programming models

·       HPC systems and facilities

·       Exascale in oil and gas

·       Cloud computing for HPC

·       Quantum Computing

·       Open Source tools

·       Parallel software development

·       High performance i/o

·       Seismic imaging

·       Rock physics

·       Reservoir fluid dynamics

·       Data Science and machine learning

·       Data management

·       Data visualization

·       Curriculum, education and training

and other related and relevant topics …

Abstracts that come across as marketing will be rejected without further review. In cases where you think a marketing message may be a concern, we strongly encourage you to partner with a customer and highlight users and relevant use-cases. Abstracts should be self-contained with a maximum of four pages (Use 1 inch margins and 11 pt. font).

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